Let’s all face it, it’s easy to get in a rut. Sometimes your routine can make you start to feel like all you ever do is the same old thing. Where’s the adventure? It’s common to be quick to place blame on lack of time or funds, but adding adventure to your life doesn’t necessarily mean traveling the globe. Learning to seek out the little adventures in everyday life can help you change it up and make you feel more excited about life. Here are a few small (and cheap!) ideas you can try in order to live a more adventurous life.

Try New Tastes

Is there a funky restaurant that’s always caught your, eye but you’ve never tried it? What are you waiting for? Do it. Take it a step further and order something foreign and out of your comfort zone that you would never order. You can do this at a restaurant you’ve been to before as well. When scanning a menu, if you tend to stick to only reviewing the burger selection, go crazy and don’t be afraid to try the pan-seared Mahi-Mahi with pineapple salsa. Some of the adventure is knowing that you might now like it, but if you don’t try it you’ll never know. You may even discover your new favorite dish that you didn’t even know about.

Walk a New Path

While taking the dog or family for a walk, skip your usual route. Walk down a street you’ve never been down before. Admiring the houses or buildings along the way can be fun. You may come across a park or cool building you’ve never seen before. You may end up at a dead end. But hey, not knowing is part of the fun!

Sign Up

We’ve all seen those places that provide a complimentary trial or introductory class. Go ahead and take advantage of it! Even if you know you don’t want to sign up for the classes or program, you’ll still be learning something new and stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s yoga, ballet, a gym, mommy and me, or even a college lecture, taking the time to attend a class or two can add some variation and excitement to your life.

Change Your Look

It doesn’t have to be drastic. While getting a tattoo or dying your hair pink would certainly be thrilling, (if you feel up for it, go for it!) you can experience some adventure in more subtle ways too. Lighten or darken your hair a shade, get a new ear piercing, buy a flashy piece of clothing, or try that stylish and trendy new look you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest. Minor changes can be exciting, especially if you tend to keep your appearance the same. Changing your appearance can be an invigorating experience.

Grow Something

Whether you start a garden in the backyard or buy some potted herbs for the kitchen, get to digging! Tending to plants can be an out of the ordinary and fun experiment. Knowing that you could possibly kill your plant adds to the excitement. If you opt for food, herbs, or flowers, you’ll be rewarded for your attentiveness.

You don’t have to backpack around Europe to have an adventure! If you’re feeling like you’re in the rut of routine, it’s time to change it up. Taking an adventurous perspective on everyday life can add the right amount of excitement and spice to your life.