Looking for a new family adventure that’s a bit different from the same old road trip you take every summer? Step outside your comfort zone and lace up your climbing shoes. Here are the top five reasons your family should try rock climbing.

Rock climbing is both a personal activity and a great way to spend time together

While the actual sport of rock climbing is largely an individual endeavor, it provides you with a unique activity to bond over and work at together. Therefore, it yields both personal fulfillment in achievements and gives you a new and exciting source of connection.  

Rock climbing is a great full-body workout

Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, every time you climb you engage your body in one of the most holistic workouts out there. In just one climb, you hit all the main target areas your body normally gets from a variety of different workouts and exercises. Rock climbing enhances overall muscle tone in your body, specifically in the legs, arms, core, and back. Forget weightlifting. This outdoor or indoor activity is the greatest strength builder out there and is ten times more exciting.

Rock climbing can build your confidence

Not only does rock climbing improve your body’s natural figure, which is cause alone for a confidence boost, but it also builds self-assurance of your own inner strength. When rock climbing, your body is the only tool you have to propel you forward. So when you reach a new height or achieve a new goal, you have your body alone to thank for it. Climbing teaches you to trust your own body’s capabilities and builds confidence in yourself as a result.  

Rock climbing feeds your need for adventure

If you are constantly thirsting for excitement and adventure in your life, rock climbing is the activity for you. Whether you’re climbing a few feet off the ground at the gym or you’re free climbing outside, the adrenaline rush you experience when climbing is incomparable to any other sport out there. Not to mention, rock climbing is also a great way to experience nature and see the world.

Rock climbing teaches your mind and body to work together

Rock climbing requires intense concentration and is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. It trains your focus, enhances problem-solving skills, and truly proves the mind over matter theory. Your body can only get you so far in rock climbing, but your willpower and mental health are strengthened when climbing to help you overcome physical obstacles. Your mind and body won’t be connected to such an extent in any other kind of workout. 

There you have it. Rock climbing is the perfect new adventure your family should try, so get out there and just go for it.