Greg and Laurie Duncan: A Couple Motivated by Faith and Family 

Greg and Laurie Duncan were both students of medicine at a young age. They had a deep desire to directly help people, and change others’ lives for the better. However, well into their respective professions, they realized that they were giving up one thing that everyone wants more of—time. They saw that schooling and their jobs were not leaving enough time to spend with family and friends. They noticed that if they continued down this path, they’d never have enough freedom to enjoy their interests outside of medicine and work. After seeing the harsh realities of the lifetime of long hours in the careers they were about to enter, they decided to change their direction. Greg and Laurie aimed for a route that would allow them to live the life they wanted to live, while positively impacting the lives of others.

Greg and Laurie fully believe that you don’t get satisfaction from how you make a living, but from the life, you live because of the living you make.

Empowering Relationships 

While changing the structure of their lives and how they wanted to live them, they chose to empower people and help them achieve whatever vision they had for their own lives. Through uplifting words and tried and true advice, they guide others toward one thing that most people run away from: fear. Greg and Laurie show individuals that when the dream is big enough, and the desire to succeed is strong enough, fear does not exist. In doing so, they’ve created countless strong relationships with individuals and couples who dare to do something significant with their lives.  

Over the years, they’ve demonstrated what it means to be a dependable team with faith, integrity, and honesty. 

Reliable and Sincere 


Greg and Laurie didn’t get to where they are by being inconsistent. Their level of success was met through long days (and nights) of hard work. Today, they keep their dream alive in their heads and in their hearts with persistence. They knock down anything that stands between them and their goals and look at every obstruction as an opportunity to learn, grow, and teach.  

The Duncans are reliable and trustworthy, and they sincerely want to bring out the best in each other and the people who surround them. If anyone needs their help, they’ll gladly offer up both hands. 

Instilling Values 


As this power couple works hard at helping to create lasting impactful relationships with others, they also put endless effort into expanding their reach. They want to touch the lives of many and ensure that their integrity and values are adopted by those surrounding them. When they have free time, they love to spend it with their family. They help raise their grandkids, host dinners, and travel together. Greg and Laurie hope that their morals and work ethic will inspire their grandchildren and leave a lasting impact as they grow up. Creating these memories and strong bonds with their family and friends is the greatest reward for all their hard work. 

 By creating memories with those closest to them and having a direct impact on the lives of every person they meet, Greg and Laurie are ensuring that their ideals will be carried on in the generations to come. As they continue to inspire and lead with passion and intention, Greg and Laurie are thankful to know that their tremendous efforts will leave behind a remarkable legacy.

 At the end of the day, you want to know that you’ve had a significant impact on the people around you. You’ll rest easy knowing that your life has made a lasting difference in at least one other person’s life. What legacy will you leave behind? 

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