Greg and Laurie Duncan South Africa

For as long as he can remember, Greg Duncan has sought out adventure. Growing up, he relished being outside, imagining fantastical worlds, and connecting with nature. Much to his mother’s chagrin, he’d stay out for hours, exploring until the sun would set and the nighttime chill would envelop him.

These days, that chill air no longer deters him from staying out and breathing in the freshness that nature provides. In fact, he chases after the thrills that freezing temperatures have to offer. From skiing to snowmobiling, Greg Duncan enjoys all manner of winter sport. His love for alpine sports runs deep, and he feels blessed to be able to spend so much of his time pursuing his passions.

On any given wintery morning, Greg can be found hitting the slopes and carving up the mountainside with his family. He and his wife have both instilled their love of connecting with nature with their children, and now outdoor adventures are almost always a family affair.

When he and his family aren’t skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, they’re bound to be participating in any number of other adventurous activities. In the warmer months, Greg and his family enjoy water skiing, dune buggy riding, sailing, and sculling.

At their home in Montana, they enjoy partaking in all their favorite water-based activities at a nearby lake. On calmer days, Greg will set out on the lake and fish for hours. The peace he finds in connecting with nature is unrivaled, and he feels immensely grateful that his wife and kids share in his passion for the great outdoors.