3 Office Organization Tips to Help You Become Successful

3 Office Organization Tips to Help You Become Successful

“Good order is the foundation of all things.”
-Edmund Burke

When you’re under pressure to finish tasks and meet deadlines, the last thing you need is a disheveled office. Taking the time to implement an organization system is always worth the effort. A well-organized space can increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing stress. Here are three office organization tips to help you become successful. 

1. Practice Discipline

The first step in organizing your office is to practice discipline. No matter which organization method you use, you’ll need to rely on discipline in order to be consistent. Get into the habit of putting items away as soon as you’re done using them. Avoid haphazardly placing papers and supplies on your desk. And use your chosen organization method with fidelity. As tempting as it may be to become lax in managing your office, refrain from lowering your organizational standards. 

2. Use Storage Methods to Your Advantage

When it comes to organizing your office, storage is your best friend. Creating a storage system will help declutter your space, while making it easier to locate your documents and supplies. Having a clean and orderly office will also bring peace to your workspace. Here are a few storage systems you can try:

3. Use Your Walls

The final tip for organizing your office is to use your walls. By reclassifying the walls of your office as usable space, you can clear more of the surfaces on your desk, increasing your work area. Here are some ideas:

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”
-Orison Swett Marden

Your purpose at work is to tackle responsibilities with precision and thoroughness. Don’t let disorganization become a roadblock. Use these three office organization tips to help you become successful in accomplishing your professional goals.    

3 Office Organization Tips to Help You Become Successful
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Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind

Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind

Smart packing is a huge factor to be able to travel wisely and conveniently. You want to pack enough essentials to still feel like home even while on the road. On the other hand, you cannot possibly bring your whole house with you. With limited space for things you can bring,  it all comes down to making wise choices. The following tips can help you determine the things to bring and the ones to leave behind.  

Things You Should Bring

Spare yourself some worries by squeezing in some space out out of your luggage for these must-haves:

Just enough clothing and footwear.

Stash enough tops and bottoms, depending on the length of your stay. It is advisable to bring lightweight clothes for easy packing. You also want to choose pieces that you can mix and match with other clothes so you do not end up with travel photos where you are seen wearing the same outfit. As for the footwear, the number of pairs to bring and the style will depend on the activities you plan to do. 

Medicines, supplements, basic toiletries.

Traveling requires stamina so do not forget to pack any supplements you are taking. Likewise, you do not want to be clamoring for medicines in case you need it. Thus, it is wise to include medicines for common illnesses or if you have conditions that need special medications. You also want to bring other items for comfort and protection such as an eye mask, sunscreen, and basic toiletries.

Smartphones and chargers.

Smartphones are a very useful device nowadays. You can use it to constantly communicate back home and document your journey. Technology can also serve as a guide as you explore an unfamiliar place. To keep your gadgets on full power, you cannot afford to miss bringing a reliable charger or a powerbank. Your charger back home may not be compatible with the power outlet in your destination so a universal adaptor will be helpful. 

Things You Can Leave Behind

These are the things that are not really worth that extra space in your luggage:

Extra outfits and whole make-up kit.  

Unless you have an event to attend that will require frequent outfit changes, you do not really have to bring too many clothes or shoes. Their bulk of these items can even prove to be a nuisance. Besides, the place you will stay will likely have a laundry area you can use to have fresh clothes to wear for each day of your trip. Likewise, you do not need to bring your big make-up bag with you. A few small items such as powder, lipstick, and eyeliner can keep you looking fresh and presentable during your travels, 

Books and magazines.

Even certified bookworms may need to say goodbye to their beloved  hardcovers for a while. Insisting on tagging them along may feel like a burden later on because of the weight and extra space they will occupy. So it is recommended to save your reading sessions back home. Anyway, you can still spend your free time reading by downloading ebooks. Many hotels also provide newspapers and magazines. 

Valuable jewelry. 

You are hopping from place to place so the chances of finding items you will lose along the way are quite slim. Thus, do not risk the chance of misplacing or forgetting anything that is too valuable to lose by not bring them at all on your trip. Besides keeping jewelry and other expensive items in a safe place at home can help you avoid unnecessary worries while traveling, 

Knowing how to pack properly is one of the skills frequent travelers should strive to master. The ability to sort the essential from the non-essential ones is one of the keys to a great vacation.

Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind
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Three Ways to Make Your Global Impact Count

Three Ways to Make Your Global Impact Count

Every year around Thanksgiving, the concept of gratitude becomes a topic of conversation. We are encouraged to step back and look at the blessings in our lives, the successes we’ve amassed, and the challenges we’ve conquered. But why stop at gratitude? Many of us have been granted resources that far exceed what people in underserved populations across the world have. As global citizens and humanitarians, we have a responsibility to take care of those who are less fortunate. Here are 3 ways to make your global impact count. 

Empower the Youth and Women (leaders) 

One of the most helpful ways to impact marginalized groups is to empower the youth and women. By creating future leaders, you can change the trajectory of the future. Plan programs that speak to: 

  • Education: Provide the best and highest level available
  • Real Life Skills: Job acquisition, driving, technology, etc.
  • Access to: Technology, higher education, health care, etc.  

Provide Sustainable Aid

It’s one thing to give temporary relief, but you’ve truly solved a problem when you can provide sustainable aid. If you want your global impact to truly count, you have to think big and go deeper than surface level. The key? Constructing systems. Instead of passing out temporary healthcare, water, or food, the town you’re helping will need a long-term healthcare system, water system, or food system. Creating such infrastructure isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. And after it’s in place, you’ll have to train the community on how to maintain and uphold it, so it’s sustainable. But once it is, how amazing the result will be!

Raise Awareness

Once you’ve mastered the first two steps, share as much information as you can about the human impact. The goal of raising public awareness isn’t to gloat or shift the focus to yourself, but to bring awareness to the importance of repeating similar acts. Use social media to highlight sustainable aid and empowerment. You may even consider hosting a fundraising event to encourage potential investors and supporters to contribute to your cause. By spreading awareness, you are also motivating others to find their passion project in the philanthropy world because there are millions of people in need of a helping hand. 

Gratitude is great, but we can’t be thankful for our success without using it to help others. We all have a responsibility to make the world a better place, which means embracing philanthropy and humanitarianism. Start by using these three global impact steps and see how you can make a change in the world today.

Three Ways to Make Your Global Impact Count
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How to Combat Post-Travel Blues

How to Combat Post-Travel Blues

So you’ve just returned home from the most relaxing, rejuvenating vacation in your favorite tropical locale. As soon as you step off the plane, the weight of reality hits and sadness floods your every pore. You want nothing more but to turn around and jet back whence you came! Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come down with a case of post-travel blues. Here are three ways to shake them off! 

Practice Gratefulness

One of the most effective ways to counter negative feelings is to replace them with gratitude. You are totally allowed to feel sad and mourn the conclusion of your vacation. But instead of living in the past and allowing those emotions to linger, celebrate the present. Center your thoughts on your silver linings. Even if you can’t muster up a long list of unique reasons to feel grateful, start with the basics. If you have a roof over your head, food to eat and people who love you, dwell on those gifts.

Explore Your Own State

Although filling your passport with global stamps is a goal worthy of pursuit, your own backyard is undoubtedly brimming with untapped adventure. If your lack of travel has you feeling down in the dumps, get out of the house and unearth some fun. Ask around, or consult the internet, to find exciting sights and wonders within driving distance. Use your weekends to become a local tourist. Doing so will help quiet any leftover sorrow from your most recent vacation.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

Last but not least, to get over your last trip, start planning your next. Travel plans can take a lot of time and research to complete, so the sooner you start, the better. Turn your attention to outlining savings plans, itineraries, and must-see sights. By staying busy, your next vacation will be around the corner before you know it.   

It’s common to feel a bit depressed after experiencing such a euphoric break from reality. In order to let go of your post-vacation blues, you may need nothing more than a focus shift. Take a week or two to decompress, catch up on sleep and transition back to normalcy. However, if the three tips above don’t help and your depression feels long-term and more severe, it’s time to talk to someone about what you’re feeling. Click here for more helpful resources. 

How to Combat Post-Travel Blues
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Career Advancement: 3 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Mentor

Career Advancement: 3 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Mentor

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone
who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living – if you do it well, I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.” – Denzel Washington

Mentorships are priceless partnerships that have shaped many of today’s leaders. But when it comes to choosing a mentor, it pays to do your homework. Like any interpersonal relationship, some connections result in a better match than others. While opposites do sometimes attract, ideal pairings are much more likely when similar qualities and characteristics are combined. The dynamics of a mentoring partnership are no different. When it comes to choosing a mentor, finding the right fit can positively affect the outcome. If career advancement is your goal, consider these three factors when looking for the right mentor.


The first step to finding the perfect mentor is to identify your own personality type. You must be aware of your own tendencies and preferences in order to isolate your future match. Start by making a list of your most prominent personality traits. If you find yourself struggling with this activity, there are countless personality tests and analysis available to help accurately describe your quirks. Once you’ve pinpointed the most important aspects that make you uniquely you, you’ll be able to use that same list of qualities to find your mentor.   


Next, consider your daily habits: 

  • Are you an early riser or a night owl? 
  • Do you prefer all work and no play or do you need frequent breaks to help you focus? 
  • Do you hate talking on the phone? Would you rather rely on text or email? 
  • Do you focus on the big picture or thrive on details?

These personal elements shape your day and how you interact with others. Pairing with a mentor who behaves similarly will give you the advantage of working with someone who understands you, without issue. Instead of fighting what’s natural to you or wasting time trying to adapt to uncomfortable demands, you’ll be able to focus on what’s most important – the work. 

Communication Styles

Lastly, communication is key. The downfall of many relationships has been the inability to communicate effectively. Skip the trouble by ensuring your future mentor’s communication style matches yours. Think about how you prefer to be communicated with. What makes conversation easy and understandable? Are you:

  • Long winded or brief?
  • Direct or passive?
  • Expressive or stoic?
  • More verbally emotional or logical?

Take time to consider not only how you communicate, but how you like to receive direction and feedback. How do you prefer to be spoken to? Matching those elements will set a strong foundation for the success of your mentorship by minimizing the prevalence of miscommunication.

While it’s not possible to eliminate every difference, nor is that the goal, finding harmony in the cornerstones of your mentorship is indeed beneficial. Keep in mind, finding your match doesn’t mean finding your duplicate, it simply requires that you seek compatibility. Mentorships should be a place of growth, which sometimes demands differing perspectives and suggestions. However, the key should be a balance of foundational compatibility and perspective differences to create a healthy mentorship. While on the journey to advance your career, keep these three mentor matching criteria in mind.

Career Advancement: 3 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Mentor
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Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures

Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
– George R. R. Martin

Summer is wonderful. It opens new possibilities for relaxation and adventure. Blue skies and sunny weather seems to invite everyone to get out and have fun. It would be such a waste to let this wonderful season pass without having memorable bonding moments with your family. Since school is usually on a break during this season, it is almost a requirement for parents to plan activities that will keep their kids happy and occupied. Summer is therefore an opportunity to widen your kids’ knowledge and strengthen your family bond. Make the most of this laidback season with the following suggestions.

Do something fun in your backyard.

Summer getaways need not be extravanagat or done somewhere far away. Your backyard is a great setting for a variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy. Watching movies together is always a great idea. But with the breezy weather, why not take advantage of a star-filled night and glowing moonlight to enjoy a flick or two outdoors? Here is a guide to help you set up an outdoor movie screen. After your movie, set up a camping adventure right in your backyard to liven up your summer night. Aside from tents and sleeping bags, you can also set up a campfire and roast marshmallows. You can visit this site for checklist on things to prepare for a family camp.

Play an outdoor game together.

With all of the sunshine around, it would be a pity to spend all your summer days indoors. It is a perfect time to introduce your kids to a variety of sports and other outdoor activities. Depending on the age of your children, you can arrange fun games you can play outdoors. Visit a nearby park for a game of frisbee or badminton. Or go to an outdoor court for tennis or basketball. Visiting a putt putt course for a round of putt putt golf is another option. It can also be as simple as allocating a day to doing simple outdoor activities such as bubble-making or kite-flying.

Learn a new skill together.

Summer classes are all the rage with many parents signing up their kids for various lessons. To get more involved with this, think of a new skill the whole family can learn together. If most of the children in your home don’t know how to swim yet, consider hiring an instructor to give a group swimming lesson for everyone to enjoy. Or if someone in the family is a good cook, then a culinary lesson is a cool prelude to a lovely meal. From painting sessions to music lessons or crafting activities, there are a whole bunch of activities that parents can teach or learn with their kids.

Start a tradition.

Give your kids something to look forward to during summer by doing something that can turn into an annual event. It can be a yearly fishing trip, picnic or family vacation. It can also be a time you head to the beach or go on a long road trip. An outdoor barbecue that will allow you to invite friends and family is another idea that promotes familial bonding. Make yearly adventures a family event by making each family member participate in the planning and preparations.

Seasons come and go and we have the freedom to spend them in whatever way we choose. Why not make the most of it by turning the summer season into fruitful and happy moments with family? When thinking of adventures to take, don’t forget that the kind of activity is only secondary to the joy and value that spending time with our loved ones brings.

Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures
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Small Steps You Can Take Towards A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Small Steps You Can Take Towards A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

We are blessed with a beautiful, amazing world and it is our duty as responsible citizens to protect and nurture it. There are many ways to care for the environment but one approach that is gaining popularity is adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is recommended by many as a great way to address the problem of waste management worldwide.

To live an eco-friendly life sounds like an ideal way to actively participate in making the world a better place. But years of dumping all sorts of garbage make this goal challenging. Besides, trash-free living is not really possible. However, stats and reports are saying that if we do not act now, the world may soon be filled with trash. So before it is too late, do something great for humanity in your own simple way. The following steps will get you started on environment-friendly living.

Bring your own kits.

To avoid leaving a trail of waste everywhere you go, you can start bringing your own items whenever you go out. If you are heading to the grocery store, do not forget to bring an eco-bag (a reusable shopping bag) so you won’t need plastic bags. If you are in the mood for fast food, you can bring your own utensils or reusable (often made of glass, bamboo, or metal) straw. These may appear to be small acts but they can greatly reduce the amount of plastic and trash.

Purchase less.

If you purchase and consume more, you will likely produce more waste. Take a moment to evaluate if you really need an item before buying it. Maybe you do not really need to buy it because you still have one at home. Resolve to live simply and not consume too much. You will save money and be kinder to mother earth at the same time.

Opt for reusable and earth-friendly items.

It will greatly help the environment if you go shopping with a decision to be environmentally conscious. When you shop for things you need, it is wiser to choose biodegradable items to reduce plastic waste. This will not be hard as the market is slowly coming up with more products that use natural and plastic-free materials. Nowadays, you can buy soaps, shampoo or even food items that do not come in plastic packaging. Even wooden toothbrushes and hairbrushes are also available.

Adopt a recycle mindset.

You want to lessen the trash you produce so resist the urge to dump everything you see in the garbage bin. Especially because chances are, you can still recycle them. The jars from sandwich spreads can still be used as containers for other things. Extra unwritten pages on an old notebook can be sewn into new writing pads. Old clothes can be donated or maybe re-purposed into other items such as pillowcase or rags.

Have a compost bin.

Proper waste management is essential for every society to succeed in regulating trash. Segregating your trash is one way to do it. So why not make a compost bin where you can throw wastes such as leftover food and fruit peelings? You will greatly reduce food waste and at the same time, you create rich soil that can be used for gardening purposes. Remember that you cannot just throw any food waste in a compost bin, so educate yourself about the proper way of composing before starting on it.

It is important to be realistic as you take steps to avoid trash because you will still produce waste no matter how hard you try to avoid it. It will likely be difficult too so take it one day a time. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to reduce waste and recycle trash. As the need to take care of the world we live in intensifies, it is just right that you help in the drive to not fill the world with trash. Take small steps to help solve this global predicament today!

Small Steps You Can Take Towards A Zero-Waste Lifestyle
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Traveling On A Budget? Hacks To Enjoy First-Class Luxuries

Traveling On A Budget? Hacks To Enjoy First-Class Luxuries

Travel is a leisure associated with wealth that not everyone can afford it. However, despite the high cost, traveling is a worthwhile activity to pursue because the experience gives immense benefits. It is no wonder that there are ingenious tips and creative advice abound for people who are passionate about exploring other places but have to do so on a limited budget. To stretch your dollars while visiting a new place, you must be willing to forego some luxuries and comforts.

Business-class flights and five-star accommodations become out of the question. However, smart travelers plan ahead and discover easy hacks that allow them to enjoy luxuries without spending a fortune. How these savvy tourists manage to do it is no secret. Check out some of the travel hacks below to travel on a budget for your next getaway.

Choose to book directly.

For convenience, booking a room or flight can be done through travel agencies or online merchants. This comfort comes with an extra charge but if you book directly with the hotel or airline, you can manage to save a few bucks.  Aside from eliminating the convenience charge, you can also score great deals or promotions. Since you are directly dealing with the establishments, it may also be easier and faster to cancel or modify a reservation.

Inquire about upgrade during check-ins.

Seasoned travelers know that under the right circumstances, hotels and airlines are willing to offer an upgrade. So if you want to enhance your flight seat and hotel room, you can subtly request or suggest an upgrade. Who knows? Your efforts may just pay off. Just remember that certain factors can increase your chance of flying first-class or enjoying upscale accomodations.

For example, you have a great chance to get upgrades at a much lower rate when you ask for it right before checking-in. During the time of booking, you can naturally expect airlines and hotels to charge higher rates for first-class accommodations and business class seats. This is because they are still waiting for other travelers to book rooms or seats. This is no longer possible during check-in time, so companies are happy to offer vacant  rooms or seats at a much lower price than leave it unoccupied.

Take advantage of off-season rates.

Even the most sought after hotels may have empty rooms during off-season months and during this time, they usually come up with promos and offers to entice travelers. You can get the grandest room or best package at the lowest possible rate. The same room or package can cost thrice as much during peak season, so you can probably lounge in the hotel happily thinking of how much you have saved. You can even take full advantage of the hotel amenities during off-season months. With fewer guests, you do not have to line up or wait for your turn to use amenities. It may even feel like you have the hotel all to yourself.

Sign up for loyalty programs.

Airline companies and hotels usually have loyalty programs that rewards frequent guests and clients. So if you are a frequent flyer to an airline or have a favorite hotel, you may be missing out on great deals by not signing up for their loyalty programs. Especially because some loyalty programs do not even require a membership fee. By simply being a loyal customer, you get reward points that you can use to book a flight or a hotel room for your next trip.

As a member of their loyalty circle, you may also be the first to know about their deals and promos. To get the latest updates about their offerings, it is a great idea to sign up for their e-newsletters. You can also follow their social media pages to get updates.

Most people get excited with the idea of travel. In fact, to travel the world is one of the most common items you will see on someone’s wishlist. Still, money matters can make this wish a not so easy dream to fulfill. But the most resourceful travelers do not allow money to curb their wanderlust. With simple and wise strategies, they continue to make memories and collect experiences without breaking the bank.


Traveling On A Budget? Hacks To Enjoy First-Class Luxuries
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How To Develop People Skills That Can Propel Your Way To Success

How To Develop People Skills That Can Propel Your Way To Success

Studies that attempt to decode the formula for success showed that superior intelligence is not the only factor that determines one’s ability to attain victory in life. You can validate the results of those researches by simply observing your surroundings. You were probably shocked to learn that a former schoolmate who has always been an average student is now holding a prominent position in a large company. On the other hand, you may find it hard to believe that the top achiever in your class did not do as well as you expected.

The difference probably lies in the so-called “people skills.” These are the set of skills that give you a significant edge over others and help you secure your spot to succeed. So as you go out there and experience life at its core, it is a must that adept yourself with important people skills. The following reminders can help:

Develop communication skills

Individuals with admirable people skills are good communicators, making it easy for them to convey their ideas to others. Efficient communication is always a two-way thing so they are good listeners as well. These traits will make it easy for you to persuade others and win negotiations.

Be realistic and flexible

The real world is tough so to expect an ideal setting will set you on a sure road to failure. It is so wrong to expect that things will be smooth and will constantly conform to your ways. Rather, you should anticipate difficulties and prepare to cope with it. It may even be to your advantage if you accept the possibility that you may have to drop your ideals and standards so you can adjust well to various situations. This does not mean you have to blindly agree to everything, it just means opening your eyes to different perspectives. If you master the skill of adapting to different situations, you become a valuable team member and everyone will consider it a pleasure to work with you.

Instill positive virtues

Good behaviors keep you on the right track all throughout life so it is naturally vital in pursuing success. The road to success can be strenuous and long and people with weak character may not make it till the end. Meanwhile, if you work on building your character, you develop virtues such as patience and optimism that will give you the strength to overcome any difficulties.

Be confident

You cannot be too timid or cautious if you want to break barriers and introduce innovations that can just open the door to your victory. You need guts to do great things and this where the importance of building confidence comes in. To get others to trust you, you should project confidence in the way you carry yourself. You can do this by devoting effort for self-improvement. If you look and feel your best, you invite success to enter your life.

Be genuine

You cannot avoid interaction with others as you climb your way to success. So building positive relationships is one strategy to reach your target faster. Making connections will be a breeze if you are considerate, helpful, respectful, and honest. However, kindness is something you cannot fake for so long. People will eventually discover if you are just being a phony so always be genuine when dealing with others.

The above points emphasize the truth that the four corners of the classroom cannot really teach us everything that we have to learn about life. The moment you step out of your comfort zone, you begin to understand how a seemingly underachieving individual can reach tremendous success while one with a huge potential becomes mediocre. Indeed, having people skills can turn you into an extraordinary individual and can surely propel your way to success.

How To Develop People Skills That Can Propel Your Way To Success
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Make A Positive Impact Everywhere You Go With These Traits

Make A Positive Impact Everywhere You Go With These Traits

Our world today is laden with issues such as environmental concerns, extreme poverty, and shocking violence. The good news is that everyone can contribute something to help. You can offer your time, your resources, or your talents to address the most pressing issues of our time. Actively participating in endeavors for the betterment of the world will give you a sense of purpose and a kind of high that you cannot get anywhere else.  

But when you come to think of it, lending a hand to solve some of the world’s toughest problems is not the only thing you can do. You do not have to move mountains to create a positive impact. The process is a lot easier than you thought and it starts with examining your actions and attitudes. As the song of the late King of Pop suggests, “change yourself for the better and make the world a nicer place.” So if you truly want to make a difference, start by aiming to be a better person and practice the traits below:

Generously Share Your Knowledge

The old adage that you receive more from giving also rings true when it comes to knowledge. So do not hesitate to voice out your ideas and share your expertise. Your efforts in spreading what you know give you a chance to empower and motivate others. And who knows, your ideas may just start a breakthrough that can solve the problems of an entire community.

Be Brave To Stand Up For What Is Right

The world is in dire need of individuals who are willing to stand up for truth and justice. You do not need to have supernatural abilities to display bravery in this world. You can be the hero that someone has been praying for when you do something like helping a child being bullied across the street or stopping a parent inflicting violence on a child.

Be A Person Of Integrity

Integrity is doing what is right even when no one else is looking. So can you proudly say that you possess this character trait? You may sometimes feel that keeping your moral values intact is no longer necessary nowadays but practicing integrity is something that will never run out of style. By staying firm to your values amidst a slew of temptations, you inspire others to do the same.

Excel In What You Do

Mediocrity may be an easy path to take but will likely lead you nowhere. Individuals who want to achieve great things consistently pursue excellence. They also continually look for ways to improve themselves. So no matter what your job is, it is always a good decision to consistently deliver excellent performance. You will reap rewards for yourself, the company you work for, and the entire community as a whole.

At a glance, it is hard to see how your positive actions and attitudes as an individual can create any significance to the world. But just imagine how the world will be a much better place if everyone will make a conscious decision to be the best version of themselves? Do not undermine your efforts and have faith that you can indeed create a positive influence one step a time.

Make A Positive Impact Everywhere You Go With These Traits
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