Your Vision IS Your Future

The quality of your future is determined by the quality of your vision. When you plan for the days, months, and years to come, are your plans cohesive or chaotic? Do your dreams and aspirations align, or are they competing with one another? If you don’t have a plan...

A hand holds a camera lens up toward a cityscape. The foreground, hand, and lens are out of focus, but the view of the city inside of the camera lens is in focus and upside down.

Simplify Your Life

Living in a world that promotes consumerism can be a bit overwhelming at times. It’s difficult to be happy with what you have rather than buying the latest and greatest product. This is especially true when the newest product allows you to send texts with special...

A tan chair placed under a white desk that has two plants, a picture frame, and a candle, placed on top. All of this is set against a white wall.

Shedding Others’ Expectations

Everyone experiences the pressure of others’ expectations at some point during their lifetime. They often come from friends, parents, coaches, teachers, and partners. Having expectations is healthy, but not if they become the sole focus of your efforts. If you find...

A group of six people stands on a hill, silhouetted by a setting sun.