Many would agree when you say that in life, you do not always have to rush. There are instances when it is better to just hold your horses and stall things. Yet, as they say, time is gold. So spending too much time on certain tasks can result in missed opportunities to enjoy other things. The ability to be faster may also be the reason why others are more successful. Thus, even if you have the luxury to take your time, speeding things up a bit can bring additional benefits. If you wish to do things the faster way, here are some simple hacks you can try:

Memorize keyboard shortcuts.

To increase productivity, it is not enough that you are adept with software programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, and Google Docs. You also want to memorize the keyboard shortcuts that will let you perform frequent tasks faster. Even if it means speeding up the process by only a few seconds, do not underestimate the importance of these shortcuts because those seconds add up. It does not have to be difficult either, as you can simply print a copy of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts and display it near your work desk or create a sticky note on your desktop.

Organize your work desk.

A messy desk is not just an eyesore, it can also be a hindrance to your productivity goals. To avoid confusion and distraction that all the clutter can cause, you may want to exert effort in organizing your work area. It would also be a great help if all the tools and equipment you need for your tasks are just within arm’s reach.

Group similar tasks.

Hit several birds with one stone by identifying similar tasks and doing them in one batch. For example, if you need to meet with multiple people to get a task done, try to coordinate a meeting where you can speak to them all at once, rather than sending multiple messages, if possible. If you are heading to a location, you may want to think about all the errands you can do on the way. By grouping tasks, you can accomplish many things in half the time and even save your energy; making your day a lot lighter and fruitful.

Create message templates.

Composing an email message can take some time, even if you are a good writer. Thus, a ready-made template can be a great way to save time on writing and proofreading. Likewise, you do not have to waste too much time on days when you have writer’s block. It will be more useful if you regularly send similar messages to a number of people as you can simply pull up the template whenever needed.

Time is an invaluable resource, so your wish to use it wisely means you are definitely on the right track. With a few hacks to hasten things a bit, you may also achieve the realization of your goals a lot sooner.