If we’re being completely honest, it’s important for everyone, no matter how old, to do what they can to leave a positive print on the world we live in. Often times though, we leave this task at the very bottom of our life’s to-do list. We tell ourselves as soon as we find the time, as soon as we save enough money, or as soon as we retire from our day job, we will finally start working towards finding a way to leave a lasting impact on our communities and in our world. But the truth of the matter is people need help now. Not in 30 years, not when your kids are grown, but now. And while twentysomethings are at the most pinnacle point in their lives to establish a life for themselves, they also are our surest promise of our future. They may lack resources, time, and money, but they have the voice that will propel us forward and direct change. So here are some incredibly easy ways young people can make a big impact in small steps


It’s no secret that going green is one sure way to improve the future of our world. So yes, recycle your plastic milk jugs and carpool whenever you can. But don’t let the recycling stop there. Recycle your clothes you don’t wear anymore, and drop them off at a local homeless shelter. Recycle your food that has gone bad in your fridge. Instead of immediately trashing it, call your local food bank. Often times the expiration date on the container is just a precaution and doesn’t necessarily mean your food has gone bad––and chances are your local food bank can find a better use for it than you can anyway.

Use Your Voice

Never underestimate the power of your voice. Whether you want to change public policy or you want to raise awareness for a particular issue that’s important to you, voice your opinion and stand by it. Take initiative in the future of your community and vote in elections, write opinion pieces for your neighborhood newspaper, or just get behind an organization you believe in. Use your freedom of speech whenever you find the chance. If you want to see change happen, be a part of it.

Look for “micro-moments”

Don’t overlook the opportunities in everyday life to make a difference. You don’t have to launch the world’s most successful philanthropy or even dedicate yourself to an organization to make a difference. Decide to focus on the “micro-moments” life presents you instead––the small moments when you could make an impact that happen every day. Before you leave for work, pack an extra lunch to give to the homeless man that stands on that corner every morning. Instead of laying in bed for an extra hour next Saturday morning, volunteer to help out at a local philanthropy. You don’t have to devote your life to a cause––just take advantage of the “micro-moments” because a bunch of small moments makes a big difference.