Spring is here! And with it came the lively pop of fresh green leaves and blossoming flowers of various vibrant colors. With all the new life sprouting outside, sometimes it’s hard to want to go back inside. And that’s okay, because the good news is, you can bring spring indoors! Spring is a great time to make room for plants and flowers of all different kinds. The new plants in your home won’t just refresh your space, they’ll refresh you too!

Embracing Greenery: Easy-to-Care-For Plants

Introducing plants into your home not only adds a touch of nature but also improves air quality and enhances overall well-being. For those new to plant parenting or looking for low-maintenance options, certain plants are particularly forgiving and thrive in various indoor environments.

A top down view of a snake plant in a pot filled with dirt, sitting on top of a wood plank.

Renowned for its resilience, the snake plant is practically indestructible, making it an ideal choice for beginners. With its striking upright leaves, it adds a touch of elegance to any space and thrives in low-light conditions.

A pothos plant sits on a wood table in the sunlight, in a small glass jar filled with water.

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a versatile vine that flourishes in almost any indoor setting. It requires minimal watering and tolerates low light, making it perfect for brightening up dim corners.

A close view of a ZZ plant’s stalks next to a white wall.

The ZZ plant is celebrated for its glossy, waxy leaves and its ability to thrive in low-light conditions. It requires infrequent watering and is highly resistant to pests and diseases, making it a hassle-free addition to any room.

Best Places to Keep Indoor Plants

Placement plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and vitality of indoor plants. While some plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, others thrive in low-light environments. Here are some optimal locations to display your green companions:

1. Living Room

Place plants like snake plants or pothos near windows with filtered sunlight to brighten up your living room while adding a refreshing touch of greenery.

2. Bedroom

Opt for plants such as peace lilies or spider plants that not only enhance air quality but also promote relaxation and better sleep. Position them on bedside tables or shelves for a calming atmosphere. 

3. Bathroom

Humid environments in bathrooms provide an ideal habitat for plants like ferns or air plants. Display them on countertops or hang them in macramé planters to add a spa-like ambiance to your bathroom. 

Blooming Beauties: Easy-to-Grow Flowers

In addition to green foliage, incorporating vibrant blooms instantly uplift your home’s atmosphere and infuse it with the spirit of spring. While some flowers require meticulous care, others are relatively easy to maintain and bloom abundantly with minimal effort.

Reddish-pink geraniums are illuminated by the sunset.

With their colorful clusters of flowers and aromatic foliage, geraniums thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Place them in sunny spots near windows or on balconies to enjoy their vibrant blooms throughout the spring and summer months.

A closeup view of African violets.

Loved for their delicate, velvety petals and vibrant hues, African violets are well-suited for indoor cultivation. Keep them in bright, indirect light and water them gently from the bottom to avoid damaging their leaves. If cared for properly they’ll bloom several times in a year, so expect to have them around well after spring!

A peace lily with two white blooms sits against a blue-white backdrop.

Not only valued for its elegant white blooms but also for its ability to purify indoor air, the peace lily is a popular choice among indoor gardeners. Keep it in moderate to low light and water it regularly to maintain its lush foliage and blooms.

Bring Spring Air, Sounds, and Sights into Your Home

As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, take advantage of pleasant weather by opening up your windows to let fresh air circulate freely throughout your home. Not only will this take any stale air out of your home, it will also invite the sounds of spring into your living space. You’ll hear birds chirping, neighbors walking by, kids playing, and leaves rustling in the breeze.

When you bring spring into your home, you get to experience the season’s changes all day long. Let the plants, flowers, and fresh air brighten your mood, uplift your spirits, and help you feel a renewed sense of calm and focus. And if your home isn’t quite ready to add plants, consider doing some spring cleaning to make room for them!