Sure, the world needs more people to come alive, travel to other cities, and actively participate in helping and improving the realities of other communities across the globe. However, the unfortunate reality is that, for most people, it’s essentially unrealistic to plan on uprooting your entire life to travel all over the world making big impacts for weeks at a time. That’s why it is so important to inform others how we can make impacts and change the world right in our very own communities. Here are 3 easy ways to make a global impact without leaving your neighborhood.

Become aware

Before anything else, you must become aware of the issues that exist across the globe, so that you can best educate yourself and provide assistance in the best way you can. Learn about the realities of other people’s lives and become aware of the tragedies people live with day in and day out. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook these issues because they seem like they are worlds away from your own life and your own problems. But simply finding out what other people are going through, how they are living, or what they need opens up the opportunity for change.

Become involved

Once you find out what it is that you want to support, do something about it. Do some research and find a credible organization near your home that serves a cause that seems important to you. If you can’t travel and be there to witness and help other people in need, the best thing you can do is donate your time, energy, and resources to organizations that know how to make a big impact. Whatever it is, become involved in something that is meaningful to both you and the world.

Become an advocate

Spread your awareness and raise consciousness in your own neighborhood by becoming an advocate for a cause that needs attention. Let your friends and family know about issues that are important to you, and take the time to educate others on how they can help change the world too. Set up fundraisers or donation booths to make an impact in a community worlds away in your very own neighborhood. Do whatever you can to be the reason that change occurs.

Mission trips and traveling to other communities aren’t the only ways to make impacts in neighborhoods that need help most. Try out these 3 tips to make a global impact without leaving your neighborhood.