Without the mentorship that Greg and Laurie Duncan received as they were building their business together, they might never have made it as far as they have. They feel assured that a large part of their success rests on the shoulders of those who worked hard to lift them up and show them the way to living a life of significance.

Another key to their success has been in mentoring others. They have gladly taken the torch that was passed to them as they were building their business, and they’ve passed it along to countless others.

All it takes is a spark to ignite a mighty fire. But what keeps that torch blazing for generations? Even the brightest of flames can’t keep burning without kindling in the form of leadership, coaching, and mentoring, which is why Greg and Laurie Duncan have devoted their lives to helping others keep that fire burning brightly.

Success in most businesses means sacrificing relationships and a happy home life. Not for the Duncans. To them, faith and family always come first. Since they freed themselves financially from being strapped to a desk, their children and their marriage have been the utmost priorities in their lives. In a close third place after those two is mentoring and coaching others.

A favorite question of Greg’s that he asks to all of his mentees is, “In everything you do, you must ask yourself, ‘Will this matter in two to five years from now?’” He advises them to cut out anything that doesn’t have a lasting impact on their future. That’s how he built his success, and it’s how he’s mentoring others to create lives of significance for themselves in the hopes they’ll turn around and pay it forward. The torch eternally stays lit this way, and it keeps burning for generations to come.

 When Greg and Laurie Duncan choose to take people under their wings and show them how to better their lives, they do so on the basis of the potential they see in the person. It’s not about where that person already is; it’s all about having a teachable spirit and a determination to be the best they can possibly be.

They believe that just about everyone can be reached if there’s a point of connection that can be established. No one is beyond being mentored; some people are just further along in their personal journeys than others.

At the end of the day, Greg and Laurie aim to make the world a better place by helping others reach their true potential. Being a part of those journeys is one of their greatest joys, and they consider it a personal triumph when they see others breaking free from the bonds of debt and traditional employment. They want everyone to be as fulfilled as they feel and to feel as though they’re living a meaningful a life full of deep, lasting relationships. They know it’s possible because it’s been modeled for them, and they continue to experience it for themselves every single day.