No one goes on vacation to be stressed out. Whenever we plan a long or short getaway, our usual goal is to experience total relaxation. A trip is often meant to give our minds and bodies a reprieve from our hectic daily routines. Yet, how many times did you go on a vacation and went home feeling as exhausted as ever? Unfortunately, certain circumstances can make it hard to chill out even during your day-offs. Thus, here are simple tips to make your holidays a fully rejuvenating experience:

Take time to unplug.

Notifications about pending tasks and job concerns can follow you even when you are out and about. Fortunately, getting rid of constant reminders about the duties you left behind can be as easy as turning off those alerts. Make your vacation time exclusively for unwinding by fighting the urge to check your emails and social media feed every minute. This is because you do not want to be constantly reminded about the duties you left behind. It will be easier to take your mind off the pressures of your work by informing your colleagues about the days you will be on vacation and your return beforehand.

Schedule it during off-peak season.

If you plan your trip during the peak season, you are likely to encounter heavy traffic, long queues, large crowds, and on top of that, higher rates. On the other hand, off-season travelers have a great chance to enjoy huge discounts and hassle-free travel. Even if you are visiting a popular tourist spot, you may be lucky to have the place all by yourself because there are few travelers. The less stressful environment will make you appreciate the place even more and at the same time, have a totally relaxing vacation.

Choose a good travel buddy.

Going solo is always an option, but if you prefer to have company, choose someone who can make it easy for you to go around places. “You do not want someone who is whiny or pessimistic to tag along. You will have a better time if your companion is cheerful and positive. Parents who want to recharge can leave their child in the care of a trusted guardian for a while and they may just come back as calmer and mindful Moms and Dads.

A great vacation is rarely a good accident or pure luck. It is usually the result of thoughtfully thinking about what you want to achieve in your getaway and carefully considering the factors that can make them happen.