Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind

Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind

Smart packing is a huge factor to be able to travel wisely and conveniently. You want to pack enough essentials to still feel like home even while on the road. On the other hand, you cannot possibly bring your whole house with you. With limited space for things you can bring,  it all comes down to making wise choices. The following tips can help you determine the things to bring and the ones to leave behind.  

Things You Should Bring

Spare yourself some worries by squeezing in some space out out of your luggage for these must-haves:

Just enough clothing and footwear.

Stash enough tops and bottoms, depending on the length of your stay. It is advisable to bring lightweight clothes for easy packing. You also want to choose pieces that you can mix and match with other clothes so you do not end up with travel photos where you are seen wearing the same outfit. As for the footwear, the number of pairs to bring and the style will depend on the activities you plan to do. 

Medicines, supplements, basic toiletries.

Traveling requires stamina so do not forget to pack any supplements you are taking. Likewise, you do not want to be clamoring for medicines in case you need it. Thus, it is wise to include medicines for common illnesses or if you have conditions that need special medications. You also want to bring other items for comfort and protection such as an eye mask, sunscreen, and basic toiletries.

Smartphones and chargers.

Smartphones are a very useful device nowadays. You can use it to constantly communicate back home and document your journey. Technology can also serve as a guide as you explore an unfamiliar place. To keep your gadgets on full power, you cannot afford to miss bringing a reliable charger or a powerbank. Your charger back home may not be compatible with the power outlet in your destination so a universal adaptor will be helpful. 

Things You Can Leave Behind

These are the things that are not really worth that extra space in your luggage:

Extra outfits and whole make-up kit.  

Unless you have an event to attend that will require frequent outfit changes, you do not really have to bring too many clothes or shoes. Their bulk of these items can even prove to be a nuisance. Besides, the place you will stay will likely have a laundry area you can use to have fresh clothes to wear for each day of your trip. Likewise, you do not need to bring your big make-up bag with you. A few small items such as powder, lipstick, and eyeliner can keep you looking fresh and presentable during your travels, 

Books and magazines.

Even certified bookworms may need to say goodbye to their beloved  hardcovers for a while. Insisting on tagging them along may feel like a burden later on because of the weight and extra space they will occupy. So it is recommended to save your reading sessions back home. Anyway, you can still spend your free time reading by downloading ebooks. Many hotels also provide newspapers and magazines. 

Valuable jewelry. 

You are hopping from place to place so the chances of finding items you will lose along the way are quite slim. Thus, do not risk the chance of misplacing or forgetting anything that is too valuable to lose by not bring them at all on your trip. Besides keeping jewelry and other expensive items in a safe place at home can help you avoid unnecessary worries while traveling, 

Knowing how to pack properly is one of the skills frequent travelers should strive to master. The ability to sort the essential from the non-essential ones is one of the keys to a great vacation.

Travel Packing Tips: Smartly Choose Items To Bring & Leave Behind
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How to Combat Post-Travel Blues

How to Combat Post-Travel Blues

So you’ve just returned home from the most relaxing, rejuvenating vacation in your favorite tropical locale. As soon as you step off the plane, the weight of reality hits and sadness floods your every pore. You want nothing more but to turn around and jet back whence you came! Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come down with a case of post-travel blues. Here are three ways to shake them off! 

Practice Gratefulness

One of the most effective ways to counter negative feelings is to replace them with gratitude. You are totally allowed to feel sad and mourn the conclusion of your vacation. But instead of living in the past and allowing those emotions to linger, celebrate the present. Center your thoughts on your silver linings. Even if you can’t muster up a long list of unique reasons to feel grateful, start with the basics. If you have a roof over your head, food to eat and people who love you, dwell on those gifts.

Explore Your Own State

Although filling your passport with global stamps is a goal worthy of pursuit, your own backyard is undoubtedly brimming with untapped adventure. If your lack of travel has you feeling down in the dumps, get out of the house and unearth some fun. Ask around, or consult the internet, to find exciting sights and wonders within driving distance. Use your weekends to become a local tourist. Doing so will help quiet any leftover sorrow from your most recent vacation.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

Last but not least, to get over your last trip, start planning your next. Travel plans can take a lot of time and research to complete, so the sooner you start, the better. Turn your attention to outlining savings plans, itineraries, and must-see sights. By staying busy, your next vacation will be around the corner before you know it.   

It’s common to feel a bit depressed after experiencing such a euphoric break from reality. In order to let go of your post-vacation blues, you may need nothing more than a focus shift. Take a week or two to decompress, catch up on sleep and transition back to normalcy. However, if the three tips above don’t help and your depression feels long-term and more severe, it’s time to talk to someone about what you’re feeling. Click here for more helpful resources. 

How to Combat Post-Travel Blues
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Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures

Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
– George R. R. Martin

Summer is wonderful. It opens new possibilities for relaxation and adventure. Blue skies and sunny weather seems to invite everyone to get out and have fun. It would be such a waste to let this wonderful season pass without having memorable bonding moments with your family. Since school is usually on a break during this season, it is almost a requirement for parents to plan activities that will keep their kids happy and occupied. Summer is therefore an opportunity to widen your kids’ knowledge and strengthen your family bond. Make the most of this laidback season with the following suggestions.

Do something fun in your backyard.

Summer getaways need not be extravanagat or done somewhere far away. Your backyard is a great setting for a variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy. Watching movies together is always a great idea. But with the breezy weather, why not take advantage of a star-filled night and glowing moonlight to enjoy a flick or two outdoors? Here is a guide to help you set up an outdoor movie screen. After your movie, set up a camping adventure right in your backyard to liven up your summer night. Aside from tents and sleeping bags, you can also set up a campfire and roast marshmallows. You can visit this site for checklist on things to prepare for a family camp.

Play an outdoor game together.

With all of the sunshine around, it would be a pity to spend all your summer days indoors. It is a perfect time to introduce your kids to a variety of sports and other outdoor activities. Depending on the age of your children, you can arrange fun games you can play outdoors. Visit a nearby park for a game of frisbee or badminton. Or go to an outdoor court for tennis or basketball. Visiting a putt putt course for a round of putt putt golf is another option. It can also be as simple as allocating a day to doing simple outdoor activities such as bubble-making or kite-flying.

Learn a new skill together.

Summer classes are all the rage with many parents signing up their kids for various lessons. To get more involved with this, think of a new skill the whole family can learn together. If most of the children in your home don’t know how to swim yet, consider hiring an instructor to give a group swimming lesson for everyone to enjoy. Or if someone in the family is a good cook, then a culinary lesson is a cool prelude to a lovely meal. From painting sessions to music lessons or crafting activities, there are a whole bunch of activities that parents can teach or learn with their kids.

Start a tradition.

Give your kids something to look forward to during summer by doing something that can turn into an annual event. It can be a yearly fishing trip, picnic or family vacation. It can also be a time you head to the beach or go on a long road trip. An outdoor barbecue that will allow you to invite friends and family is another idea that promotes familial bonding. Make yearly adventures a family event by making each family member participate in the planning and preparations.

Seasons come and go and we have the freedom to spend them in whatever way we choose. Why not make the most of it by turning the summer season into fruitful and happy moments with family? When thinking of adventures to take, don’t forget that the kind of activity is only secondary to the joy and value that spending time with our loved ones brings.

Four Simple Ideas For Summer Family Adventures
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