Are you passionate about boating? If you are, it is not so difficult to decipher why. To travel via any types of boat on a lovely day is such a beautiful thing to look forward to. Yet while it is wonderful to go boating whenever and wherever you want to, the current pandemic may cause you to hold back a bit. To curb the spread of disease, you can expect additional measures to the usual precautions you have to take when navigating the waters on a boat. You may even wonder if boating is even allowed at all.

Is it safe to go boating during a pandemic?

Good news for all boating enthusiasts because it is one of the outdoor activities that are generally allowed today. Yet of course, policies regarding using boats as a means of transports and recreation differ in each State. Likewise, rules are volatile and some ports and ramps may be closed.  Thus, before launching your boat, it is wise to inquire about these concerns with the local municipalities. You may also check out the US Fish & Wildlife Service: State By State Closures.

Moreover, the permission to boat comes with the responsibility to maintain physical distancing and follow health protocols. The following are some of the things to keep in mind to safely enjoy boating:

Limit number of people onboard.

It should be easy to observe social distancing rules, so if you are bringing friends along, remember to keep the number to a minimum. It will even be safer if you keep your boats exclusive to people living in your same household for now. 

Disinfect your boats.

Sanitizing is important if you want to keep your boats free from the virus. It is especially necessary if you allow guests on your boats. You just need to be careful about the right disinfectants to use because some chemicals can damage your boats.

Check if emergency response teams are available.

You can never tell when untoward incidents may occur so it is always a must to be prepared. Research beforehand if emergency response teams will be available in the area where you are boating if ever you need help. It is also best to check that your boat machinery is working perfectly fine so you lessen risk of encountering any troubles while on water.   

Is boating still a worthwhile activity?

As extra safety measures and new rules can feel burdensome, even enthusiasts may start asking if boating is worth all the hassle. With reports saying that more people started buying boats during the pandemic, it means that it remains a top leisure choice.

The surge of boating popularity is understandable. For one, boating is a special way to enjoy the outdoors. Also, the experience can be the best stress reliever from all the anxieties the pandemic has brought. To be in the midst of a beautiful body of water while soaking in sunshine is also a cool bonding activity with loved ones. Boating also provides a comfortable way to travel during this time.

The pandemic may have limited many of your actions and activities. Still, you should not allow it to take away your right to enjoy the things you love to do such as boating.