If you want to change the world, change yourself.
– Madonna Ciccone 

What motivates you to make resolutions? It is often in an attempt to see a better version of yourself, right? We often resolve to change some of our habits and choices because we want to be healthier, kinder, or wiser. Sometimes, it is because we want to be more organized, productive, or efficient. But how about making resolutions that will make the world we live in a better place? You may think it is an ambitious goal that will require bold actions and great effort. Yet when you come to think of it, every little action we do has an effect on our surroundings. Moreover, our state of mind and wellbeing are deeply influenced by the environment we are in. It implies that our effort to change for the better is indeed a significant contribution to society. For resolutions that lead to a better you and have a positive impact on the world, the following are some suggestions:

Be a minimalist.

Check your storage spaces to see if they are overflowing with stuff you don’t need.  If you see an overstuffed closet, it may just be a big sign saying that you need to adopt a minimalist mindset. This lifestyle trend will encourage you to declutter and just keep the essentials. You can discard or give away things you do not need and at the same time, reduce buying unnecessary items. Decluttering can clear your mind, tidy your space, and even score you some savings. As a bonus, you will also be doing the world a big favour because the decision to purchase just the essentials will make you consume less and thus produce less waste.

Eat less meat.

Overconsumption of meat has been linked to many life-threatening ailments. To be healthier, it will do you good to reduce the amount of meat you eat. You do not necessarily need to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle if it is difficult for you. You can simply make sure that your diet consists of more fruits and vegetables than meat. As you consume less meat and more plant-based food, a leaner body is not the only thing to look forward to. You can also feel good knowing that you are doing something to prevent climate change. This is because animal consumption is one of the reasons for the thinning of the ozone layers.

Try gardening as a hobby.

Are you thinking of starting a new rewarding and productive hobby? You may want to give gardening a try. Start by planting plants of your choice in a spare area in your backyard. Flowering plants can make your home gorgeous while food bearing crops will help ensure you are eating organically grown fruits and vegetables. You can even take your love for plants to the next level by joining tree-planting activities. These endeavors are like sending gifts to the world because more plants can result in cleaner air and also combat the effects of climate change.

Resolutions are easy to make but not too easy to keep. We are all so accustomed to people making resolutions today then forgetting all about it days later. However, choosing resolutions that will ultimately benefit the greater good may make you more determined to hold on to and keep your goals.