Typically, on Thanksgiving, we take time to be mindful of the many reasons we have to practice gratitude. Included in this list are our family, our friends, our homes, and our communities. However, this year consider aspects of your life that you wouldn’t typically think of as blessings. In doing so, you’ll have even more reason to celebrate the holiday, and you’ll twist some optimism into areas of your life that you wouldn’t generally expect.


We all know that mistakes ultimately turn out to be the best learning lessons. This year give thanks for all the mistakes you’ve made that have transformed into the biggest learning lessons for you. If you take a look at your life, many things you are thankful for now would never have been present if it weren’t for making a few mistakes along the way. Making mistakes and learning from them is one of the best and most compelling ways to grow as a person.


There is a fine line between regret and mistakes. If mistakes are what you learn from, regret is what motivates you. Regret is a feeling that can influence you to make better decisions when it comes to future situations in your life. While regret is more of an emotional response, it is the feeling that makes you want to improve yourself and your life. If you let it, regret can become the very reason you want to do better and be better next time.  


Yes, you read that right. This Thanksgiving be thankful for your hardships because they are what make you a stronger and a better person.  In the midst of hardship, you learn to respond to adversity in your own way. And in doing so, you build character, gain courage, and boost your faith in your own ability. When you undergo some of life’s most challenging tribulations, you have the opportunity to build yourself in a way that allows you to become stronger and better than you ever were before. And that opportunity is something to be thankful for.

So take time this Thanksgiving to enjoy the company of the people you love the most. Count your blessings, and eat your turkey. But also take a moment to consider the parts of your life you wouldn’t immediately give thanks for. If you practice gratitude for the unexpected things in life, your whole perspective could change.