As the weather shifts and warm summer afternoons change to brisk autumn evenings, there are many inspiring fall activities to take part in. Instead of seeing the end of summer as a sad thing (because winter will be around the corner before you know it), you’ll be able to appreciate the next seasonal stage! This way, just when the leaves start to change and your wardrobe gains a new layer, you’ll have a number of ways to stay positive and excited through autumn.

Inspiring fall activities to do outdoors.

A grassy field of pumpkins is illuminated by an orange and yellow sunset.

While the trees show new colors and the squirrels gather their winter reserves, it’s time to put on your jacket and enjoy the changes! Autumn’s entrance brings opportunities to see the world around you in different ways.

Peep those leaves.

If you live in a climate where the leaves change colors in vibrant ways, become a leaf-peeper! Find a scenic hiking trail, walk your most wooded neighborhood streets, or visit your local park. You’re sure to discover beautiful scenes to embrace in whatever way you see fit. Take photos, paint or draw your interpretation of the landscape, or write about it. However you choose to be in the moment, take a deep breath of that autumn breeze.

Pick fruit.

Depending on where you live, you might get to enjoy some of the best fall harvest fruits: apples and pears. Locate an orchard near you and see if they allow visitors to pick fruit for purchase. If not, you might get lucky and find that they serve fresh cider!

Choose a pumpkin.

Fall is also the time to harvest pumpkins! How you choose your pumpkin is up to you and depends on what you’re going to do with it. If you want to carve a pumpkin, then find one that’s nice and flat on the bottom, and fairly symmetrical.

If you plan to use the pumpkin seeds for roasting—YUM! Search for a big pumpkin. The bigger they are, the more seeds they have … usually. Then, give that pumpkin a couple taps. If it sounds hollow, that generally means the inner cavity is large and has more room for seeds. Once you’ve harvested the seeds, here’s a fun article that shares some great uses for the rest of the pumpkin.

If you’ve got children or grandkids, you can pick pumpkins of any size or shape and invite them over for an arts and crafts project. Take the pumpkins outside and have the kids help paint and draw on them. Show the kids how much you love their art by displaying the pumpkins on the front porch.

Inspiring fall activities to do inside.

Two pies are next to a wood rolling pin.

If it’s a little too cold outside or your autumn has been particularly rainy, don’t worry! There are loads of inspiring fall activities to do from the comfort of your home.

Get to baking.

Whether you were able to pick fruit at an orchard or you visited the local farmer’s market for it, it’s still good for baking! Put on your apron and some comfy slippers and get to making a delicious pastry or pie.

When the baking is done, invite family or friends over to enjoy what you’ve put together. Or get under a warm blanket and keep it all to yourself—we won’t judge!

Cook ’til you’re cozy!

If you’re not much of a baker (yeah, we know it can be complicated and technical), try your hand at cooking. One of the best things about fall is that the coziest recipes are soups, which are pretty easy!

But suppose you’re all souped out and would prefer something with more solids. Consider a delicious pot roast or a filling casserole.

Not all inspiring fall activities involve food.

One activity that can be done during any season but is especially magical in the fall is reading! Sit in a quiet room with a comfy flannel on, maybe near a window with a nice view of the autumn leaves, and flip through the pages of a good book.

Or if you’re not feeling like reading, kick back in that same space and do some writing. Write a poem, do some journaling, or make a log of what and who you’re grateful for.

Enjoy the inspiring fall activities!

We hope that no matter what activities you decide to take part in, you enjoy them to their fullest and use them to create meaningful memories. Do them with your spouse, with friends, with family, with kids or grandkids, or take some alone time to enjoy them.

If you struggle with decision-making and can’t decide on a fall activity, check out our blog on how to make a decision.