When Greg imagined his life as a young man, he saw himself helping others by becoming a doctor and saving lives. He saw sickness and disease as the fundamental enemies of a happy life. It wasn’t until his final year of medical school that he realized that he could make so much more of a global impact allocating his resources in other ways.

He decided to build a business for himself and for his family, but more importantly, he decided to build his business because he saw the global implications it could potentially have.

It’s like the old adage about throwing a stone in a pond and watching as the ripples extend further and further out. Greg knew that he could effect so much more change if he made a bigger ripple in the pond.

As a doctor, he could have helped one patient after the other, and his impact would have been great. But luckily, he veered away from that path and has instead made a tremendous impact on so many more people—from those who are closest to him to those whom he’s barely met.

It only takes knocking over one domino to be able to set off a chain reaction, and that’s exactly the kind of incredible momentum Greg and Laurie Duncan’s success has inspired.

They truly believe that the work they do has changed and continues to change the world for the better. They personally know so many couples and young people whose lives have been forever and fundamentally transformed thanks to the strong leadership that the Duncans offer.

One of the greatest thrills that Greg and Laurie have experienced is seeing so many others reach their goals and dreams. Laurie has said, “We have been able to touch more lives in more meaningful ways than we believe we ever could have done in a fast-paced medical practice.”

On top of giving back through their business, Greg and Laurie also love to make a global impact through mission trips abroad. They invest their time, energy, and resources into creating sustainable change in communities around the world that need help.

When they’re not traveling the world to learn about different cultures and experience history firsthand with their tight-knit family, the Duncans can be found putting their talents to work to help impoverished communities in developing nations across the globe.

Whether they’re giving back by building wells in villages with little to no access to potable water or teaching English to open up more job possibilities for people in remote areas, they feel blessed enough to be able to spend their time helping others.  Together, they’re working toward a future where everyone can afford to help one another out. That would be the greatest testament to lasting global impact for them, and everything they do is in service of that hope.